Adam Schiff Says There Is Already Enough Evidence To Indict Trump

Adam Schiff said on Tuesday that given the evidence that is already available, Donald Trump should already be indicted.

The House Intelligence Committee Chairman said at a breakfast organized by the Christian Science Monitor:
“It’s very difficult to make the argument that the person who was directed and was coordinated should go to jail but the person who did the directing and did the coordinating should not,” Schiff told reporters at a breakfast on Tuesday organized by the Christian Science Monitor.

The evidence therefore already in place argues “very strongly in favor of indicting the president when he is out of office,” he said.

When Will Trump Be Indicted?

Rep. Schiff is arguing that the evidence is already there to indict Trump. The big question is when should Trump be indicted? Any indictment of the president, while he is in office, is going to set off an epic court battle that it is possible Trump could win. Former prosecutor Schiff is going with the legally sound course of indicting Trump as soon as he leaves office.
It is well known that Trump’s primary motivation for seeking reelection is that being president is the only thing standing in between Trump and a criminal indictment. The indictment of Trump is a given. A criminal indictment in the Southern District of New York for Trump’s direction of the illegal payments hush money conspiracy to keep Stormy Daniels quiet is a looking more certain by the day.

If Trump loses in 2020, the minute he leaves office, he could be the first president to go from the Oval Office to federal prison.

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