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Exiled Russian Mobster Partied At Mar-A-Lago With Chinese Spa Owner

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An exiled former friend of Vladimir Putin, wanted back in his home country of Russia for tax fraud, has been partying with other guests at Donald Trump’s exclusive Mar-A-Lago resort in South Florida the Miami Herald reports this morning.

Sergey Danilochkin came to Florida after being forced to flee Moscow in 2010 fearing for his life over his role in a $170 million tax fraud case linked to the mobsters behind the “Magnitsky affair” corruption scandal.

The tax fraud and coverup prompted sanctions against Russian oligarchs implicated in the brutal murder of accountant Sergei Magnitsky, who exposed the conspiracy. The sanctions resulting from the “Magnitsky affair”

 turned then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton into one of Vladimir Putin’s most hated enemies.

Donald Trump Jr. discussed the possibility of lifting those sanctions in the infamous June of 2016 Trump Tower campaign meeting with a Russian government lawyer. The Russians offered the Trumps damaging information about Clinton in exchange for their commitment to lift the sanctions if Trump were elected president. As part of the bargain, they also promised to help Trump win the election.

Danilochkin came to the U.S. on a tourist visa and invested in residential properties during the recession, making a great deal of money.


He is now asking a federal court for political asylum, claiming whistleblower status. He has also sold most of his real estate and is now a YouTube journalist, writing under the name Serge Daniloff.

The exiled Russian ended up at Mar-A-Lago for a Jan. 26, 2018 fundraiser for the Young Adventurers charity, which he filmed and posted on his YouTube channel.

Also at the party was Li “Cindy” Yang, the former owner of a massage parlor caught up in a human trafficking investigation that involves New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

Yang has been accused of selling access to the president and other government officials through her Mar-A-Lago membership.

Danilochkin claims he used to work for Kremlin-linked oligarch Oleg Deripaska, an associate of Paul Manafort for whom the Trump administration tried to ease sanctions.

Shady People Keep Showing Up With Donald Trump at Mar-A-Lago

This latest report from the Miami Herald confirms what we’ve known for some time, which is that Donald Trump is connected to some very unsavory characters. These shady people not only appear to operate outside the law, but they also have connections to foreign adversaries of the United States.


Once Bob Mueller releases his report to Congress and the American people that shows the extent of Donald Trump’s collusion with Russia — and his financial connections to other foreign countries — it will become very obvious that he should no longer be President of the United States. The longer he serves in that office, the greater risk he poses to the national security of our country.

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