Trump Has No Idea What He Is Talking About As He Announces The Grounding Of Boeing 737 Max

Trump announced that the US is grounding the Boeing 737 max, but the president clearly had no idea what he was talking about or what he was saying.

The president said:

The group of people working on the 737 9 and 737 8, uh, new airplanes, we’re going to be issuing an emergency declaration to ground all flights of the 737 max 8 and the 737 max 9, and the planes associated with that line. I’ve spoken to the secretary of transportation, the acting administrator of the FAA, and to Dennis Muhlenberg, the CEO of Boeing, and they will be available shortly after our conference today. And they are all in agreement with the action. Any plane currently in the air will go to their destination and thereafter be grounded until further notice. so planes If they are in the air will be grounded if they’re the 737 max upon landing at the destination. The pilots have been notified, airlines have all been notified. Airlines are agreeing with us. The safety of the American people, all people, is our paramount —

The transcript is bad, but the video is worse:

Trump clearly has no idea what he is discussing

Um, they’re planes. They’re broken, and they’re not going to fly anymore until they are fixed. This was the extent of Trump’s grasp of what he was reading. Why was the United States the last nation with a major airline industry to ground thee planes? Did the Trump administration originally intend to keep them flying? This is the sort of neglect and incompetence from the administration that could get Americans killed.

Donald Trump doesn’t know what he is doing. He doesn’t care about the president, and the decisions that absentee president are making or not making could get people killed.