Trump Wigs Out As Republicans Are About To Deal Him A Massive Defeat On His ‘National Emergency’

Trump is losing it because Senate Republicans are going to pass a resolution blocking his national emergency.

Trump tweeted:

Trump schooling Senate Republicans on how to think is priceless

Trump’s tweet is the first clear signal that the sham deal that he tried to cut with Senate Republicans in which he would promise not to abuse his national emergency powers later if they gave him his national emergency wall today is dead in the water.

The president was correct about one thing. What he is asking for is simple if one doesn’t think about laws, the Constitution, separation of powers, of government functions. If one takes all of those critical points out of the discussion and boils it down to Trump wants a wall. Republicans give him a wall. It’s easy.

Donald Trump is ignoring the unprecedented and unconstitutional expansion of power that he is asking the Senate to sign off on.

Typing national emergency in all caps doesn’t make it true. Just as creating an imaginary crisis on the border doesn’t equal a national emergency.

Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats have already vowed that Mike Pence’s attempt a sham deal with Senate Republicans won’t see the light of day in the House.

Trump is trying to save face because his “national emergency” is looking like it is heading for defeat in the Senate.

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