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Analysis: Both Mueller & House Democrats Are Now Targeting Ivanka Trump

Lost in all of the news about Paul Manafort’s sentencing is the fact that new evidence has come to light which shows that Ivanka Trump is a target of the investigations of the House Judiciary Committee.

When the Judiciary Committee sent document requests to eighty-one Trump connected people and entities earlier this month, everyone wondered why Ivanka wasn’t on the list.

Donald Trump Jr, Eric Trump, and Jared Kushner all were on the list, but Ivanka wasn’t.

In a bombshell report from the New York Times, however, we’ve learned that while none of those 81 document requests were sent to Ivanka, 52 of the document requests are about Ivanka Trump.

This means that Ivanka IS a primary target of the investigation after all.

Although some people think that a document request was not sent to Ivanka because of the fear that this would cause Donald Trump to flip out and try to retaliate against the Democrats, there appears to be a more reasonable and persuasive reason for leaving Ivanka off the list: she is a primary target of the probe.

It is common practice for prosecutors to wait until the very end of an investigation before contacting the primary target of the investigation. Usually they talk to all other possible witnesses and try to get them to cooperate and provide evidence against the target.

This looks like really bad news for Ivanka Trump. It seems almost certain that she is a primary target of the House investigation, and they may already have compiled significant evidence against her.

Certainly many, if not all, of the 52 people will cooperate and provide possibly damning evidence to the Judiciary Committee. Those who don’t could be facing obstruction of justice charges by trying to protect her.

New York Prosecutors May Be Targeting Ivanka Also

In other bad news for Ivanka that came out yesterday, we found out that the District Attorney for Manhattan had been sitting on unsealed indictments against Paul Manafort. Just a few minutes after Manafort’s prison sentence was announced, it was also announced that Manafort had been indicted on New York state charges. The only way they could move that fast was if the indictment against Manafort was issued by a grand jury months ago but was just unsealed yesterday.

This tells us that New York prosecutors have been secretly obtaining criminal indictments, working closely with Mueller’s special counsel investigation, and leaving them sealed until the appropriate time. So there are probably many additional sealed indictments against other people, including Ivanka Trump.

Bob Mueller Has Been Investigating Ivanka for Months

Robert Mueller’s office has reportedly been scrutinizing Ivanka’s role in the Trump Tower Moscow deal, including who she communicated with about the plans to build the luxury real estate project in Russia. She also is reportedly under investigation by Mueller — and possibly the U.S. Attorney’s office in the Southern District of New York — for other alleged crimes.

None of this is surprising, since Ivanka has reportedly played key roles in many Trump Organization real estate deals, including Trump Soho. She is also being investigated for her role in the Trump Inaugural Committee scam.

Trump’s Children Can Be Indicted Even If He Can’t Be

If Attorney General Barr decides that our sitting president can’t be indicted, the Justice Department would still be free to indict Donald Trump’s children. Many people believe that is exactly what is going to happen next. The indictments may already have been issued, and may have been kept under seal until now.

When the time comes, prosecutors can move very quickly, to unseal indictments and arrest the subjects of their investigations. The bad news for Ivanka Trump may be just beginning.

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