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The White House Vows To Hide Trump’s Tax Returns

Treasury Sec. Steve Mnuchin said that his department would work to keep Trump‘s tax returns hidden from the American people.

Reuters reported:

Mnuchin told lawmakers on the House Ways and Means Committee on Thursday he has met with legal experts at the Treasury to discuss the expected request from Democrats.

“We will protect the president as we would protect any individual taxpayer under their rights,” Mnuchin said at a House hearing.

Trump is just like any other taxpayer, with the exception that he is the President Of The United States and implicated in multiple felonies. Other than that, he is just a normal guy who deserves to have the weight of the entire Treasury Department used to hide his tax returns.

Democrats are ready for a fight over Trump’s tax returns

House Democrats knew that the White House was going to try everything possible to block the release of Trump‘s tax returns. They have been preparing for this moment by laying out the justification for obtaining Trump’s tax returns through the hearing process.

Innocent presidents don’t refuse to release their tax returns while they are running and then use the power of their branch of government to fight the release of the returns after they win.

Democrats couldn’t just demand and receive Trump‘s tax returns because the White House wants to fight about it.

The White House is trying to keep Trump‘s darkest secrets safe, but they are only delaying the inevitable as the returns will eventually come out.

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