Trump Job Approval Rating Crashes in New Gallup Poll

A new Gallup poll released Thursday shows Donald Trump with just a 39 percent approval rating, marking the first time in months that it has dropped below 40 percent. It also shows that his approval has dropped 4 points in a month. His approval rating was 43 percent in the second half of February. The president’s approval rating in the Gallup Poll has consistently been at around 40 percent for most of his presidency.

There Has Been Nothing But Bad News for Donald Trump

Trump has had a month full of bad news, including:

Trump’s approval rating is kept as high as it is because of support from his own party. In the new poll 90 percent of Republicans gave him positive marks for his performance. However, Gallup has also documented a steady decline in the number of Americans who consider themselves Republicans. Less than 25% of American voters now self-identify as members of the GOP.

Trump’s biggest trouble lies with independents, and just 33 percent of them said they approve of Trump. Unsurprisingly, only four percent of Democrats said they have a favorable opinion of the president’s job performance.

The poll was completed on March 10, after a series of events occurred which have harmed the president’s political standing.

More Bad News Is Coming For Donald Trump

It is expected that the bad new for Donald Trump will continue in the coming weeks. Today he is expected to face a crushing defeat in the Senate, which is poised to support a bill passed by the House which condemns Trump’s declaration of a national emergency at the southern border.

Yesterday the president’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort received the second of two sentences for his convictions on over 20 criminal charges. Manafort will now be facing over seven years in a federal prison. Another Trump aide, his former lawyer Michael Cohen, is also spending time in federal prison.

And hanging over Trump’s head is the highly anticipated report from special counsel Robert Mueller which is expected to be released soon. The president may also be facing the prospect of seeing his own children be the subject of criminal indictments.

The Republican Party Is a Disaster

In spite of all of this, fully 90 percent of Republicans still support Trump and think he is doing a good job. That is all you need to know about the current state of the Republican Party.

The GOP, like the presidency of Donald Trump, is a complete disaster. All signs are now pointing to another Big Blue Wave for the Democratic Party in next year’s elections.