After Veto, Schumer Vows Democrats Will Protect America From Trump

Sen. Chuck Schumer vowed that his Senate Democratic caucus would continue to protect America from Trump even after the president vetoed the “national emergency” blocking resolution.
After Trump vetoed the resolution with more racist language about immigrants, Schumer said in a statement to PoliticusUSA:

It is no surprise that the president holds the rule of law and our Constitution in minimal regard. There is no emergency; Congress has refused to fund his wall multiple times; Mexico won’t pay for it; and a bipartisan majority in both chambers just voted to terminate his fake emergency.

While the president has chosen to trample all over the Constitution, we Democrats in the Senate will never stop defending our country from an overreaching president.

Trump doesn’t understand that by having to veto a congressional effort to block his claim of a national emergency on the southern border, he has already lost with most Americans. Donald Trump has never been interested in the majority of Americans. The only people that he really cares about are those who voted for him in 2016.

While Trump is looking out for his base, Democrats are trying to protect the entire country. One political party is being ruled by a man who is out to shrink the Republican Party down to its whitest elements, while Democrats are trying to protect and govern for all Americans.

Sen. Schumer was correct. The fight is far from over. Democrats are going to fight Trump in Congress, the arena of public opinion, and the courts because it is not enough to serve as a check on an overreaching president.

Donald Trump must also be stopped.

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