Nancy Pelosi Is Ready To Override Trump’s National Emergency Veto

House Democrats are going to vote to override Trump’s veto of the resolution killing his national emergency on March 26.

NBC News is reporting:

Pelosi is ready for Trump

The veto override should fly through the House. It is the Senate where Democrats lack the votes that they would need to override Trump’s veto. As it currently stands, Democrats would need to pick up eight more Senate Republican votes to override Trump’s veto. It is unlikely that they will be able to make that happen without something dramatic occurring in the week plus.

House Democrats are ready to override Trump’s veto. The veto fight over the “national emergency” is a reminder that the presidential veto that Trump is trying to spin as a win is a major rejection from Democrats and his own party.

The fate of Trump’s “national emergency” will be decided in court, but the legislative intent has been made clear for every judge in America to understand. Congress does not want Trump to have this power, and they are not authorizing the president to move these funds.

Pelosi and Democrats are letting Trump and the courts know exactly where they stand.

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