Rachel Maddow Blows The Lid Off Trump’s Real Life Handmaid’s Tale


Rachel Maddow exposed a real Trump handmaids tale with a document showing that Trump’s head of refugee resettlement, Scott Lloyd, was tracking the pregnancies of teenage refugees, who had been raped, to deny them access to requested abortions.

Maddow said:

This is the federal government with your tax dollars keeping an individualized record of pregnant teenage girls menstrual cycles, whether they’ve had a positive pregnancy test, what the government knows about how they believe the girls got pregnant, how they believe this individual girl got pregnant and whether this girl has requested an abortion and then the last column, the last column is of course what the federal government is doing about it. And this record was being kept for the express purpose of subverting any of these girls’ ability to get an abortion. This was a spreadsheet designed to facilitate action to block these girls for getting an abortion they might want, given the circumstances described in these cold, hard spreadsheet cells. When you look through this 28-page document.

It’s full of teenagers and some cases girls who aren’t teenagers who report being raped and being pregnant as a result. And here’s Scott Lloyd, compiling this information about these girls and using it so he can intervene as a government official to block each of these girls from getting the abortion they asked for. All along he was tracking how far along each girl he was, how long he could delay it, how much longer he had to keep blocking her from leaving the shelter until she would be forced to give birth, thanks to the U.S. Federal government. So this document has never been seen before. This is not the sort of thing we’re used to seeing, this the not the sort of thing we expect our government to be keeping tabs on in the modern era.


Video clips:

Trump has created a real Handmaids Tale

For those refugee girls who came to the United States seeking asylum after being raped, what they got was an anti-choice zealot who tried to violate their rights, and take away their constitutionally protected right to choose because of his beliefs. These are the abuses of power that Trump doesn’t tweet about. These are the events that are happening in this administration every single day.

Next year when the mainstream press, the Russian operatives, and conservative media try to discourage you by claiming that the Democratic nominee and Donald Trump are alike, ask yourself if that opponent would ever track a child’s pregnancy on a spreadsheet so that could be denied their rights and be forced to give birth to a child conceived through rape?

The answer to that question will be no, and it should make clear that the 2020 election is about saving our country from a threat the likes of which it has never seen before.

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