Republicans Hammer Trump For Trying To Suppress The Mueller Report

A group of Republicans hammered Trump after he suggested that the Mueller report should not be released to the public.

Trump tweeted:

A called Republicans for the Rule of Law responded to the president in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA:

For the first time, President Trump has called for Special Counsel Robert Mueller not to write a final report on his investigation, as the rules of the Justice Department require. This comes one day after the House of Representatives voted unanimously that the report should be made public. Even the president’s staunchest allies in the House – Reps. Mark Meadows, Jim Jordan, Greg Gianforte, Devin Nunes, and Kevin McCarthy – voted for the resolution.

It’s too late to remove the cloud of suspicion over the Trump presidency. The only way President Trump can clear his name is for the report to be made public, so the American people can know definitively whether or not there was wrongdoing in the Trump campaign or administration.

If there was wrongdoing, or if there wasn’t, every American should want to know the facts from the Mueller Report – including the president.

If Trump is innocent, why is he afraid of the Mueller Report

An innocent president who was unjustly accused of borderline treasonous behavior would welcome a report from a special counsel as an effort to clear his name and the reputation of his campaign. Donald Trump isn’t acting like an innocent president. Trump is making an all-out effort to suppress the Mueller report because he already knows what it will contain.

Trump is following the same path that he has used with his tax returns, grades and meetings with Putin. The president is trying to suppress and hide information from the American people.

There is a bipartisan effort to put the country first and demand that Trump release the Mueller report.

This isn’t Republican versus Democrat, but the nation against Donald Trump.

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