Bill Maher Hilariously Mocks MAGA Snowflakes With Pee Tape Joke

HBO’s Bill Maher last night mocked supporters of Donald Trump who complain about experiencing public shunning for wearing MAGA — “Make America Great Again” — hats.

“So you think you have problems, you cannot believe,” the comedian host began, “but it’s the Trump supporters who have the real problems.”

“The people who wear ‘Make America Great Again’ hats — you know, the MAGA hats — they’re complaining that they’re receiving all kinds of prejudice when they go out to eat, in restaurants, in taverns, in airports.”

“Where ever they go, people see the ‘Make America Great Again’ hat and they judge them as some sort of knuckle-dragger — I don’t know where they’re getting this.”

a“So — I’m not making this up — they came up with a kind of guidebook online, kind of a Green Book, for where you can go if you’re a MAGA hat wearer where you’ll be welcomed by people who think like you.”

Maher gave profiles for the type of businesses that he imagined might be found in the MAGA “safe space” guide, such as:

Very White Castle:

“This greasy hamburger joint is perfect for infuriating the left. They serve only GMO’s, and so non-organic, it’s barely food. Extra-wide booths accommodate extra-wide customers at this MAGA-friendly spot that insists the link between cholesterol and heart disease is ‘fake news.’”


“The restaurant chain that refuses to answer any questions. When are we open? We can’t say. Do we take reservations? We don’t have that information. Do you serve meatballs? Hey…leave Eric and Don, Jr. out of this!”

Goldy’s Splash House:

“Located just off Avenue “P” — Goldy’s Splash House is staffed with high-end Russian hookers who always ‘aim’ to please.”

“It doesn’t take a whiz to figure out why so many consider this Flushing-based watering hole ‘number one.”

Maher also profiled two other imaginary restaurants.

The Oxygen Garden:

“For the over-65 crowd. Dinner served from 2 – 4 p.m. with yummy desserts. And don’t forget the insulin.”


“The menu for this Sean Hannity-owned suck-up joint brilliantly conjures up the sensation of actually eating Donald Trump’s ass. Make your stomach great again with the tiny finger fries, a heaping vat or orange jello, and aged mushroom dick.”

CLICK HERE to watch the video, courtesy of HBO.