Legal Experts Identify New ‘High Crimes’ For Which Trump Can Be Impeached

Two of the country’s top experts on constitutional law have just published a new analysis describing new “high crimes and misdemeanors” for which Donald Trump can legitimately be impeached. They also explained why these potential offenses committed by Trump should be immediately investigated by the Justice Department (DOJ).

The experts are renowned Harvard Law professor Laurence Tribe and a highly-respected constitutional law attorney, Joshua Matz.

Tribe and Matz authored a Daily Beast column saying that since they wrote their book “To End A Presidency: The Power of Impeachment” in May 2018, they have identified two more probable Trump crimes that need to be fully investigated.

They wrote:

“First: Trump’s corrupt failure to defend the United States—and its electoral system—against domestic operations launched by a hostile foreign power.”

Trump is, Lawfare‘s Bob Bauer wrote, “misleading the American people about the very fact of Russia’s actions by ignoring intelligence assessments about Russia’s electoral interference.

Trump’s inaction they say is “a failure to act when action is required” and could be impeachable by itself.

However, they wrote, it also appears that Trump has deliberately chosen not to act.

“In our view, it would be appropriate to impeach a president who ignores a nation’s attacks on our democracy because he hopes that nation will help him (or his political party) at the polls or in future business endeavors.”

“Trump’s motives for adopting this policy of apparent inaction are therefore worthy of investigation.”

The second potentially impeachable crime is less complex, Tribe and Matz wrote: that he allegedly broke the law during the 2016 election with his “hush money” payments to two women in efforts to protect his campaign, as outlined by his former attorney Michael Cohen.

“Viewing Trump’s conduct as a whole, we see a sustained disregard for the law,” they wrote, “and a willingness to use his wealth in illegal ways while buying silence from those who might harm his political fortunes with the truth.”

Donald Trump Should Be Impeached

The evidence is clear that Donald Trump has committed many “high crimes” that could justify the House bringing impeachment charges against him. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, has said that the time is not right to do this. Many members of her own party — in Congress and in the American public — disagree with her, however.

It is possible that Nancy Pelosi may prevent the impeachment of Donald Trump — at least for a while. But it’s also possible that the evidence against him is just too strong to delay the process any longer.

Nancy Pelosi may soon be forced to take action to finally bring Donald Trump to justice and hold him accountable for his many “high crimes.”