Malcolm Nance Calls Out Trump For Being A ‘Champion’ Of White Nationalist Terrorism

Counterterrorism expert Malcolm Nance didn’t hold back on Donald Trump on Saturday morning, telling MSNBC’s Joy Reid that this president is “stoking violence” both at home and abroad.

“Can I rant for a second?” Nance asked before emotionally tearing into Trump.

“The president is pushing this. The president is their champion,” he said, referring to white nationalist terrorists like those who carried out the New Zealand massacre. “He is stoking violence not just in the United States but around the world.”


Nance said:

I’ve spent my entire life defending this nation. I spent my entire life in the Middle East working with our Arab and Muslim allies to keep what they call the invaders out of here. We have done that successfully. But we’ve turned a complete and blind eye to the Americans in our own midst who are terrorists, to Americans who would betray our own constitution on the basis of tribalism. The president is pushing this. The president is their champion. And you know what, to be quite honest, he needs the sierra tango foxtrot uniform. And if he doesn’t understand what that means,  he needs to turn to the right, ask his defense attache or the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. He is stoking violence not just in United States but around the world. He is a leader. Act like it. E Pluribus Unum. For many one is what we are. And that does not mean that one tribe is over another tribe. The people in the counterterrorism community, every intelligence watch officer watching right now cannot do their work so long as the president of the United States keeps talking about them like they are foreign invaders who are taking something away from us. All immigrants to this country give us something. Ask Alexander Hamilton, George Washington and all the rest of the people who came from some other place and created this nation.

Donald Trump is making the world less safe

As Donald Trump continues to demonize immigrants and minorities, it is those same groups that appear to be most victimized by terrorism.

Not only did we see it play out so gruesomely in New Zealand this week, but hate crimes against Muslims n the U.S. and all around the world continue to rise in the Trump era.

This completely contradicts the worldview of Trump and his supporters that white America is under attack and must be preserved and protected. There is mounting evidence that the opposite is true.

As Malcolm Nance said on Saturday, the deadly cocktail of Trump’s abhorrent anti-Muslim rhetoric combined with his loud racist dog whistles and winks toward white supremacists is having dangerous consequences, not just in the United States but around the globe.

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