Trump Lies And Claims He Told Republicans To Fake Supporting Mueller Report Release

After the House voted 420-0 in favor of releasing the Mueller report, Trump claims that he told House Republicans to fake supporting transparency.

Trump tweeted:

This Sounds Like A Trump Lie To Make Himself Look Good

Trump’s was either trying to spin the defeat in the House as some political con job where Republicans are trying to fool people into believing that they support releasing the Mueller report, or Trump is making up stories to explain away a humiliating defeat in Congress.

If Trump did direct Republicans to fake supporting releasing Mueller’s report, he ruined the whole scheme by broadcasting to the entire world via Twitter that it was all a ruse. Efforts to fool people don’t work if you go on Twitter and literally say I AM TRYING TO FOOL YOU.

The public statements of many Republicans in Congress suggest that they want to see the report released. Republicans and Democrats in Congress have consistently stated that they want the Mueller findings released. Eighty-seven percent of Americans want the Mueller report released.

Trump is trying to destroy the credibility of the House vote

Trump is trying to discredit the House vote that went against him because he doesn’t want to release the Mueller report. The president is laying the groundwork for trying to bury the report. Given the public statements of many members of Congress, what Trump said was a lie. As has been witnessed on issue after issue, Trump is a weak president with no influence over members of Congress.

President “I meant to do that” has struck again, and the implications of his tweet suggest that he is planning on trying to make sure that no one ever sees the Mueller report.

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