RNC Blasted By America For Bigoted Anti-Irish St. Patrick’s Day Tweet

The RNC showed that the Republican Party has now been remade in the image of Trump by putting out a bigoted St. Patrick’s Day tweet that offended far and wide.

The RNC’s tweet was trying to both insult Irish people and Beto O’Rourke:

The tweet of a photoshopped mugshot of O’Rourke was trying to point that Beto is not Hispanic while playing into insulting stereotypes about Irish people.

The backlash on Twitter was quick and severe:

The Republican Party has completely sold out to racism and bigotry

Is Donald Trump Jr. running the RNC Twitter account? Who thought this tweet was a good idea? Republicans are now in the place where the only people they are not trying to offend and make sure that they never vote for another Republican candidate are white men. If you aren’t a white man, you’re not a real Republican in Donald Trump‘s party.

The tweet didn’t even go viral. The RNC is getting all of this backlash for a Twitter failure. They didn’t even get the attention that they were seeking.

The Republican Party is racism and bigotry, and the stain being left by Trump may never be cleaned and undone.

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