FBI Raided Trump Fundraiser’s Office in Money Laundering Probe

This morning, the independent nonprofit news organization, ProPublica, published new information on a federal search warrant they had uncovered regarding major Trump Fundraiser, Elliott Broidy.

In announcing the shocking new information about one of the top money men in the Republican Party, ProPublica tweeted:

The sealed warrant we obtained that the Feds used to raid Trump fundraiser Elliott Broidy’s office cites three potential crimes:

According to ProPublica, federal law enforcement officials obtained a search warrant in July of last year. It allowed them to go into Broidy’s Los Angeles office looking for documents and records to prove that Broidy and other Republicans in Trump’s orbit had been involved in money laundering activities with foreign nationals. Agents were authorized to use the GOP donor’s hands and face to unlock phones that required fingerprint or facial scans.

The warrant gave federal agents authority to search for and confiscate any and all information that had anything to do with Broidy’s communications and interactions with Trump administration officials. It also allowed them to obtain evidence concerning Broidy’s foreign contacts.

Brody was the national deputy finance chair of the Republican National Committee until April of 2018. He resigned from this lofty position of Republican influence just three months before federal authorities obtained the search warrant for his office.

As well as being in charge of national Republican money raising, Broidy was one of Donald Trump’s major fundraisers during the 2016 campaign.

The federal search warrant listed three potential crimes for which authorities were to allowed to seek for possible evidence:

  1. Money laundering,
  2. Conspiracy against the United States, and
  3. Covert and illegal lobbying on behalf of foreign countries.

The warrant also indicated that agents were looking for information and documents regarding payments made to Broidy from Malaysian financier Jho Low.

Low is currently under investigation for a scandal known as 1MDB which involved the embezzlement of nearly $1 billion by Malaysian officials from a government development corporation.

Federal authorities have also been looking into whether Low donated $100,000 to a Trump 2020 fundraiser through an investment company called LNS Capital. It is a federal crime for foreign individuals or companies to donate directly or indirectly to U.S. politicians or fundraising committees.

Broidy May Help Bring Down Trump

Whether the search warrant is connected to alleged crimes committed by Trump and his campaign has not been disclosed as of this time, although that is likely to be true.

Last September we reported that Broidy was being sued by his former mistress who claimed that he coerced her into having an abortion after getting her pregnant. (It was also rumored that Broidy had been involved in paying a woman to get an abortion who Donald Trump had gotten pregnant.)

Elliott Broidy is a typical shady Republican fundraiser who may have broken many laws as he worked to elect Donald Trump and other Republicans to office. It appears that law enforcement officials have caught up with Broidy at last, and we should not be surprised if he is cooperating with them. He may turn out to be a key witness as Donald Trump is finally brought to justice for his crimes.

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