Republicans Are Realizing That Trump Is Too Crazy To Be President

After Trump’s weekend-long Twitter rant, some Republicans realize that Trump is too unhinged to be president.

Republicans are catching on to Trump’s crazy

Bill Kristol said on MSNBC, “On Twitter, you do see him sort of unplugged so to speak, and I’ve got to say over this weekend people who haven’t agreed with me. People who have said, oh, come on Bill, the tweets are a little bit annoying and vulgar, and a little bit disagreeable for a president, but you know, the tax cuts are good, the judges are good. I think this weekend a few people said, you know, maybe this shows he’s not stable and he does not have a psychological state to be trusted as president, especially for an additional four years. Republicans are not going to acknowledge that they were not right to vote for him over Hillary Clinton. They’re not going to reverse their positions on a bunch of policy issues, but they might say okay, we kind dodged the bullet here and we got away with some things and he was not that terrible. But, four more years of a person that’s completely unhinged, I think that’s the question this raises.”


Republicans handed their party over to Trump, and even if they wanted to, they couldn’t get it back

The RNC’s bigoted St. Patrick’s Day tweet served as a reminder that this is Donald Trump’s Republican Party. Even if Republicans as a collective party woke up and realized that Trump is off his rocker, they would find it nearly impossible to take their party back from him. Trump controls all at the federal level of the Republican Party.

Trump is already hard at work on an effort to rig the Republican presidential primary so that a challenger can’t win. Trump has an iron grip on the party base.

More Republicans are realizing the Trump is unstable, and there is nothing outside of impeachment that they can do to get rid of him.

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