Trump Reeks Of Fear And Failure As He Tries To Attack Joe Biden

Buried among Trump’s ongoing Twitter rant was an attack on Joe Biden that shows how afraid he is of the former vice president running against him in 2020.

Trump tried and failed to attack Joe Biden

Trump tweeted on Monday:

Trump’s tweet was directed at Biden’s possibly intentional/unintentional admission that he is running for president:

Trump fears Joe Biden

The low IQ tweet is a standard Trump line as the president appears to be testing lines of attack against a potential future 2020 opponent on Twitter. It has been widely reported that Trump is obsessed with Biden and that Biden is the Democrat who scares him the most. The reason why is that Joe Biden is popular with the kind of voters that Trump flipped to his column in 2016 from Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Joe Biden is authentic. He is the real deal. He is not some born rich New Yorker who mouths words just to fuel resentments.

Trump has tried to attack Biden’s IQ before, but it is not going to work. Voters already know who Joe Biden is. Unlike Hillary Clinton, Trump isn’t going to be able to make a matchup with Biden about his opponent.

Biden isn’t a socialist, so that line of attack won’t work either.

Joe Biden won’t get down in the mud with Trump. None of Trump’s usual tricks will work.

Trump doesn’t have a clear path to victory over Biden, which is why he fears the former vice president.