‘The Heat’s On’: Trump Knows Mueller Is About To Bring Down His House Of Cards

Donald Trump went full-crazy over the weekend, which is fueling speculation that even he knows special counsel Robert Mueller is about to bring his house of cards crashing down.

During a discussion on MSNBC‘s Hardball with Chris Matthews, former congressman Carlos Curbelo said it’s obvious by Trump‘s behavior that he is increasingly nervous.

“It’s clear the president is anxious about something,” the former lawmaker said. “I don’t know if it’s about the Mueller report or something else, but 58 tweets over a weekend. I mean I know a lot of kids that do that when they get anxious, when they’re worried, they talk a lot. It seems like that is what the president was doing over the weekend.”


Former Rep. Curbelo added that regardless of what’s bothering Trump, there is “no excuse” for his new attacks on the late Sen. John McCain.

“The president might be anxious, might be frustrated. However, that’s no excuse to disparage someone, especially someone who has passed away, especially someone who sacrificed so much for his country,” the Republican said.

‘Like a cat on a hot tin roof’

As Robert Mueller‘s investigation comes to a close – and other probes, whether from House Democrats or the State of New York, continue to ramp up – Trump is becoming increasingly desperate.

His public statements, particularly those via Twitter, make it clear that he knows something bad is coming for him, and perhaps his family, and there’s virtually nothing he can do to stop it.

As Chris Matthews said on Monday, “I sense everybody’s right. There’s a frenzy, almost like a cat on a hot tin roof. There’s something that’s scaring this guy. The heat’s on.”

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