Trump Proves George Conway Right About His Mental Illness

Trump shows that George Conway is correct. He has a mental illness, and the President Of The United States lacks any ability to control his impulses.

What set Trump off was a series of tweets from Conway:

Mr. Conwway’s main point on how we should view Trump’s behavior:

Trump responded to Conway by proving him 100% correct

Trump responded with an outburst against Conway:

Conway’s response to Trump was:

George Conway is making a critical point about the American people should view Trump’s behavior. Trump isn’t tweeting about George Conway and John McCain as part of some master plan to distract from Robert Mueller and all of his other scandals. People who view Trump’s behavior this way are trying to find logic in the illogical and sanity in the insane.

Trump is tweeting like this because he is out of control. He is completely off the rails. The president can’t stop. It is pathological.

There is no strategy to any of Trump’s behavior.

As George Conway put it on Wednesday morning:

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