Morning Joe Panel Confirms Belief In Trump’s Mental Illness

Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough this morning agreed with George Conway that President Donald Trump “no doubt” shows evidence of cognitive decline.

The Washington attorney, who is the husband of White House adviser Kellyanne Conway, has been involved in a feud with the president, whom he suggests has a mental illness as well as other mental and physical disabilities.

“George Conway just tweeted a link to that decades-old interview between Tom Brokaw and Donald Trump,” said “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski.

Here is the tweet from Conway:

“Also possible.  There’s a clip of Trump online talking to Tom Brokaw thirty years ago and Trump is speaking in complete, coherent sentences.    It’s quite a remarkable contrast to today, when all you get are these often incompréhensible word salads.”

MSNBC then showed the Trump-Brokaw interview from 1980 when Trump was 33. He appears very articulate and speaks coherently, unlike today.

“Flashback: 33-year-old Donald Trump talks NYC real estate in 1980 interview with Tom Brokaw:”

Scarborough said he agreed with Conway’s analysis of Trump’s mental state. He said that Donald Trump today is much less mentally sharp and he speaks erratically, with jumbled syntax.

“There is no doubt that what George Conway is getting at is the case,” the “Morning Joe” co-host explained. “He rambles and speaks in word salads right now, unlike earlier tapes.”

Co-host Willie Geist said he was not able to diagnose the president with any specific mental illness, but he did agree that Donald Trump is noticeably different than he used to be when he was much younger.

“I’m not a doctor, I’m not going to make any medical diagnosis but you believe your eyes when you see two pieces of tape that are very different,” Geist said.

Donald Trump May Be Senile, Mentally Ill, Or Both

MSNBC has done us a service today by showing the video of the way Donald Trump used to be. It is not unusual for men like Donald Trump to lose mental acuity and even suffer from progressive dementia as they age.

In June our president will turn 73 years of age, and it is very likely that his mental and physical health will both continue to deteriorate during the rest of his presidential term.

George Conway has had the courage to take on Donald Trump and tell the world through his Twitter account that our president has lost his mind. Even though he is married to a top Trump adviser, Conway has not backed down from a fight with Trump on social media. And most people agree that he has won that fight.

Donald Trump Is Mentally Unfit to Be President

Conway has not slandered Donald Trump because he has told the truth, and truth is a defense to a charge of slander. The truth is that Donald Trump is mentally ill, and is not fit to be the leader of the free world who is in charge of the U.S. nuclear codes.

Donald Trump should be removed from office as soon as possible because he is a threat to the United States and to the entire world.

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