Trump’s Mental State In Collapse As He Claims He Hasn’t Been Talking About John McCain

Even though he was safely inside of the Fox bubble on Thursday, Donald Trump managed to further demonstrate that his mental state is as unstable as it’s ever been.

During an interview on Fox Business Network, the president told host Maria Bartiromo that he doesn’t talk about John McCain – after he lobbed more attacks at the late senator and war hero.

“No, I don’t talk about it,” the unhinged president said, moments after he slammed McCain’s connection to the Russia dossier and his vote against the repeal of Obamacare.


The stunning exchange:

TRUMP: If you realize about three days ago it came out that his main person gave to the FBI the fake news dossier. It was a fake, it was a fraud, it was paid for by Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. They gave it to John McCain, who gave it to the FBI for very evil purposes. That’s not good. And the other thing, he voted against repeal and replace. Now, he’s been campaign for years for repeal and replace. I’m not a fan. After all of this time, think of this, repeal and replace. We would have had great health care. —

BARTIROMO: But Mr. President, he’s dead, he can’t punch back. I know you punch back, but he’s dead.

TRUMP: No, I don’t talk about it. People ask me the question. I didn’t bring this up. You just brought it up. You asked the question.

BARTIROMO: Well, you talked about it this week.

TRUMP: You asked me the question. When I went out yesterday to the scrum, they asked me the question. When they ask me the question, I answer the question. But you people bring it up. I don’t bring it up. I’m not a fan. He was horrible — what he did with repeal and replace. It was – what he did to the Republican Party and to the nation and to sick people that could have had great health care was not good. So I’m not a fan of John McCain and that’s fine.

Trump has been attacking McCain for a week

Despite Trump’s effort to blame the press for his attacks on John McCain – no surprise there – the president kicked off this days-long assault on the late senator last weekend in a tweet that was unprompted by the media.

He has since ramped up his attacks on the late senator, even stooping beneath the ground on Wednesday to whine that he was never thanked for approving McCain’s funeral service.

Ultimately, the most recent McCain attacks Trump spewed on Thursday don’t just demonstrate that he is a vile human being. They also confirm what we have been seeing in plain sight for two years: Donald Trump is unwell and should be nowhere near the Oval Office.

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