Trump’s ‘Greatest Economy Ever’ Has Created Fewer Jobs Than Jimmy Carter

In honor of Jimmy Carter becoming America’s oldest living president, it is worth noting that as president Carter created more jobs than Donald Trump during his first 25 months in office.

Here is the statistic:

The much maligned by Republicans Carter president was more effective than Trump

Carter cleaned up the corruption left behind by Nixon. He was more successful in foreign policy than Trump will ever be with the Camp David Accords, and he created more jobs than Trump has in the first two years of his term.

Trump tells a ton of lies, but one of his biggest has been that the current economy is the greatest in American history. The Trump economy isn’t anything close to what Trump is hyping it up to be. Jimmy Carter was able to create more jobs with a smaller population. Republicans mock Jimmy Carter for his “failure,” but if the more successful Carter is a failure, what does that make Trump?

Donald Trump is a new low in presidential failure.

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