Sen. Chris Murphy Unloads On Trump For Disgusting Lie That Democrats Are Anti-Jewish

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) called Trump’s claim that Democrats are anti-Jewish disgusting, and said that the president lies on an hourly basis.

Murphy said in response to Trump’s renewed claims that Democrats are anti-Jewish, “It is really disgusting. Really disgusting. And he lies on an hourly basis. That is probably one of the worst lies there is. What’s worse is that Republicans are so jubilant about trying to use the issue to separate Republicans and Democrats. When I came to Congress we all stood together. We worked through these issues so that in the end we passed legislation that Republicans and Democrats could support. Now Republicans, led by the president, just want to try to use Israel as just another political issue, unlike any other that we fight over in Washington. That is really bad for the security of Israel and the long term relationship of the United States. It is not even worth dignifying this claim that Democrats are anti-Jewish with a response But the rest of it, it is just politicizing this issue and making Israel less safe.”


71% of Jewish voters voted for Hillary Clinton

The smear that Democrats are anti-Jewish that Trump is obsessed with spreading doesn’t make sense on many levels, but perhaps the most mindboggling is the fact that Jewish voters don’t like Trump.

71% of Jewish voters supported Hillary Clinton in 2016:

Why Trump is claiming that Democrats are anti-Jewish/h2>

Donald Trump understands that he can’t beat a united Democratic Party, so the White House is trying to dive Democrats on every issue. Plus, Trump sees look strong on Netanyahu as good politics that will help him with his base. As with everything involving Trump, the thinking is simple. Trump is looking to split his opposition because a united county will make him a one-term president.

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