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Democrats Believe Trump’s Business Tax Returns Will Show Conflicts of Interest

Reports from Capitol Hill this morning indicate that House Democrats will be aggressively seeking Donald Trump’s business tax returns along with his personal returns.

Democratic lawmakers expect these business returns to uncover what they believe are the president’s extensive conflicts of interest, including possible dealings with Russia.

They also believe the business filings will disclose suspicious ties to other foreign individuals and entities including receipts and disbursements of money which will need further investigation.

The returns also may help them analyze potentially illegal efforts to avoid paying taxes by not just the president but also his company and potentially members of his board of directors, including his children.

Looking for what they believe will be a treasure trove of information which is not publicly available, House Democrats are reportedly now preparing requests for both the president’s personal and business tax filings.

That will open a new and very complex front in the increasing number of investigations into the president. His financial disclosures already reveal over 500 partnerships and other types of business entities, each of which would likely have its own tax returns.

Democrats will also demand returns from Trump’s trusts, one of which was used to reimburse Michael Cohen for hush money payments to Stormy Daniels, according to a check he showed lawmakers during his congressional testimony.

Reportedly Democrats will also try to analyze tax returns from the recently dissolved Trump Foundation as well as from First Lady Melania Trump.

House Ways and Means Chairman Richard Neal (D-MA), has the power to seize Trump’s returns under a 100 year-old statute. And he is now being pressured by his colleagues to issue requests for all of the returns that might show Trump’s potential malfeasance and conflicts of interest.

The American People Have a Right to Know What Is In Trump’s Tax Returns

Never before in the modern era has a president refused to disclose his tax returns. And never before has there been a president where the need to see his tax returns was greater.

For decades Donald Trump has been involved with foreign interests, and there is evidence that he has received hundreds of millions — and possibly billions — of dollars from foreign individuals, companies and governments. These include Russia, Saudi Arabia, and possibly other countries.

The American people have a right to know what foreign financial entanglements exist that might create conflicts. We have a right to know if foreigners are exerting undue control over the president’s decision making. We have a right to know if Donald Trump is working for the best interests of the United States or for foreign countries.

And we have a right to know if Donald Trump is a traitor to his country.

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