Adam Schiff Warns Trump And Barr If They Try To Hide The Mueller Report, They’ll Lose

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) explained all of the leverage that Congress has over Trump and Barr, and he warned that if they try to bury the Mueller report, they will lose.

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Schiff said during an interview with MSNBC‘s Rachel Maddow:

The Congress has considerable leverage and certainly, we would begin by requesting the voluntary production of information and move to subpoenas that and court enforcement and think about other means of pressuring the department to be transparent but it will be unsustainable for the Justice Department to take that position. In the last Congress, Rachel, the Justice Department provided over 880,000 pages of discovery of evidence to the Republican Congress in the answer to subpoenas that in an investigation that the Clinton e-mail investigation in which no one was indicted. Information about Hillary Clinton, about Bruce Orr and Andy Mccabe and Lisa Page and Peter Strzok. For the department to maintain they never provide information in cases that doesn’t result in an indictment is simply not true and 880,000 pages demonstrate that.

They did so because there was an intense public interest and need to know and because Congress insisted and the case for public disclosure here with allegations that are far more serious is much more compelling. In the case of Hillary Clinton who did not win the election, she was not in a position to cover up through the Justice Department any evidence of wrongdoing. This president is and this president there is I think all too much evidence has tried to interfere, has tried to obstruct, and for that reason, it is all the more incumbent on the Justice Department to be even more transparent, so if we go to court, the Justice Department loses.


Rep. Schiff was right. Trump and the Justice Department have a losing hand because of all of the evidence that they have turned over to Congress in the past. The name of the game here for the administration is delay. There is an urgent public need for this report to be released. If the Justice Department does Trump‘s bidding in this situation, they will do down in history as another institution that was destroyed by this president.

DOJ can do the right thing without a fight. Congress is going to get the report sooner or later. Trump won’t win in court.

It is just a matter of how long they are going to make the American people wait for the inevitable.

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