Trump Reversed Sanctions On North Korea Because He Likes Kim Jong-un

Trump unilaterally reversed new sanctions on North Korea on Friday, because he thinks that Kim Jong-un is his friend.

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Trump reversed the sanctions with a tweet:

Trump reversed the sanctions because Kim is his pal:

Trump rewarded a murderous dictator because he has managed to charm his way into the good graces of the feeble-minded president. Trump’s decisions are hurting the US around the world. It isn’t just that Trump is cozying up to dictators. It’s also that he is reversing the policy of his own administration just because he likes someone.

This is not how the world’s only superpower is supposed to behave. Trump is letting North Korea have their nuclear program while implementing BS sanctions on Iran. North Korea is being rewarded for lying to Trump, while Iran is being punished for negotiating an international deal that by all standards is working and successful.

Under Trump, the United States has gone from superpower to super laughingstock.

Kim conned Trump, and the world is less safe because Trump would rather protect his “friends” than do his job.

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