Trump’s Support Among Male Voters Has Crashed

A new report from HillTV shows that since Donald Trump caused a government shutdown in attempting to force Congress to fund his border wall his support among male American voters has plummeted.

The decline in his approval rating among men has been occurring steadily over recent months, according to an analysis of Hill-HarrisX public opinion data.

Male voters participating in Hill-HarrisX surveys have become increasingly less supportive of how the president is performing his official duties. The trend has been occurring steadily since July of last year, but the rate of decline has decreased since he shut down parts of the U.S. government in December.

In the most recent  Hill-HarrisX survey, 48 percent of male participants said they approved of Trump, which is a major decline from the approval ratings of around 55 percent that he received from male American voters last summer.

Trump approval male voters
Trump approval male voters

Before Trump’s shutdown he had been receiving majority support from male respondents who generally had given Trump positive job performance ratings. But with less than half of males now approving of Trump’s performance, a major shift has occurred.

The president’s job approval ratings among women have been somewhat constant since last year. A large majority of female registered voters participating in the Hill-HarrisX poll have consistently given the president negative marks since the surveys began in July of last year. He has consistently received about a 43 percent positive rating, according to survey data.

Trump approval female voters
Trump approval female voters

If Trump Loses White Male Voters He Is Done

The only demographic group which has consistently supported Donald Trump’s presidency are white males. Since the Hill-HarrisX poll has been conducted every two weeks since the end of July 2018, it is a very good indicator of changes in Trump’s approval ratings over time. We know that he has always had low approval ratings with minority male voters, so the recent losses in his support must all be coming from white males.

The latest figures showing lower male approval ratings for Trump are not a “flash in the pan.” They have consistently been dropping over a period of months. This means that Donald Trump is in real trouble.

His recent feuds with the AFL-CIO in Ohio, as well as with General Motors, show that he is on the defensive and he knows he is heading toward a massive defeat in the 2020 presidential election — if he can even survive in office that long.