George Conway Bashes ‘Stupid’ Trump in Post-Mueller Tweetstorm

The husband of one of Donald Trump’s top advisers, George Conway, is blasting the President of the United States on Twitter again — and for good cause.

Today Conway’s comments deal with the president’s sudden reversal of sanctions on North Korea just one day after his administration made public statements about implementing them. While other members of the GOP kept silent, Conway spoke up.

Conway’s  tweetstorm marks the latest escalation in a public feud between the husband of Kellyanne Conway and the president himself.

Here is the sequence of tweets posted by Conway this morning telling the truth about Donald Trump:

“Of course, as usual, Trump is incompetent. His tweet referred to sanctions that had been previously “announced.” But it turns out, he was referring to sanctions that had yet to be announced. He confused everyone.

Apart from his mental instability, he is simply inept.


But the real story here is, again, pathological narcissism.  Why did Trump waive the sanctions? Not to further the national interests of the United States—no informed person could think that.  No, it’s that he “likes” KJU, says the WH. He “likes” this butcher. He “likes” this …

man who murders with anti-aircraft batteries, because he writes big, beautiful—and most importantly, flattering—letters that play to Trump’s ego.  

Narcissism.  Narcissistic whim, trumping the presidential oath, and trumping the national security interests of our country.

In our lifetimes there has never been a president who has been so singularly unfit for the presidency, or indeed any public office. That’s remarkable enough—but what’s even more remarkable is that *almost every day* Trump does something new to drive home the point.”

Earlier in the week, Trump tweeted that Conway was “the husband from hell” after he posted information on narcissistic personality disorder, suggesting that the president suffers from it.

“You. Are. Nuts.” Conway tweeted in response.

George Conway Is One of the Few People Who Has the Courage to Speak the Truth About Trump

People listen to what George Conway says — even Republicans — because he is a Republican himself, and he is married to one of Donald Trump’s top advisers.

Americans owe him a debt of gratitude for having the courage to speak the truth at this time of crisis in our country.

When so many within his party remain silent about Donald Trump’s attacks on decency and democracy, George Conway is speaking up.

We sincerely hope that the voters of America will listen to what he has to say, and take steps to make sure that the presidency of Donald Trump ends as soon as possible.