Democrats Aren’t Buying Barr’s Version Of The Mueller Report

Democrats are raising doubts and questions about William Barr’s summary of Robert Mueller‘s report.

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) said in a statement to PoliticusUSA, “Attorney General Barr needs to make the entire Special Counsel’s report public immediately. Congress should be able to review the evidence independent of the interpretation of Trump-appointed allies like the Attorney General. This is too important to our democracy to keep anything hidden from public view, especially when the future of our democracy is at stake.”

House Majority Leader Rep. Steny Hoyer said in a statement to PoliticusUSA, “I will carefully review Attorney General Barr’s summary of the Special Counsel’s report, but I will not be satisfied until the full report and all underlying evidence is made available. Americans deserve to know all the facts, which is why the report itself should be released – to the fullest extent of the law – in addition to the Attorney General’s summary. Congress must remain a bulwark of justice and the rule of law, and House Democrats will do our part to ensure that it performs its duties faithfully under our Constitution.”

Sen. Murphy also tweeted:

Ex-acting U.S. solicitor general Neal Katyal brought up some serious questions about Barr’s interpretation of Mueller’s report:

Democrats have good reason to doubt Barr’s interpretation of Mueller‘s report. Barr went beyond Mueller and cleared Trump of obstruction of justice. Mueller didn’t come to this conclusion. Trump‘s hand-picked attorney general did. The administration is clearly trying to white wash the Mueller report and spin it. Trump has not been exonerated by this report.

The country needs to see the full report and see what Mueller actually wrote, not what Trump‘s best boy at DOJ decided to think what Mueller wrote means.

Democrats aren’t buying what the White House is selling, and neither should you.

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