Here Are The Three Democratic Candidates Who Scare The Trump Campaign The Most

There are three Democratic candidates who the Trump campaign fears the most and all three are at the top of the Democratic primary field.

Axios reported:

The three candidates that seem to concern the Trump campaign most are Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Beto O’Rourke. That’s in no particular order, and you’ll get a different answer depending on who you talk to.


A guy who loves his guns and God is not voting for Kamala Harris. But he would vote for Joe Biden. He’s a lot harder for them to demonize,” a former Trump campaign staffer told Axios.


Trump was impressed by Harris’ massive crowd for her announcement event, according to White House aides. Some of Trump’s advisers view Harris as a major threat because it’s obvious to them that Trump hasn’t figured out how to talk about her.


“I have personally been very concerned about Beto for quite some time,” a Trump campaign adviser said. “He seems to generate that liberal grassroots energy without being particularly in-your-face with his points of view. And he’s charismatic.”

The Odds Are That Two Of These Three Could Be The 2020 Democratic Ticket

For all the rumors of Biden announcing his running mate when he launches his campaign, an idea that he toyed with as he was considering a run in 2016 too, the odds are that if Biden becomes the nominee, he will pick a younger running mate like Harris or O’Rourke. If Biden isn’t the nominee some combination of Harris and O’Rourke on the ticket would not be shocking.

Bernie Sanders still hasn’t shown that he can appeal to rank and file Democrats and there is tons of resentment toward Sanders left over in some Democratic circles from the 2016 primary campaign, so if there is one candidate who might not perform up to his poll standing when voting begins, it could be Sen. Sanders. Republicans would love to run against Sanders because he would allow them to paint all Democrats as extreme socialists and make the race about Sanders instead of Trump.

Trump fears all three of the above candidates for good reasons. Biden does appeal to the Rust Belt and Democrats who voted for Trump in 2016 Biden is also the most prepared and credible to make the argument that he can clean up the Trump mess on day one. Harris has wide appeal with Democrats across the spectrum, and Beto O’Rourke has political gifts that can’t be taught and may be the most charismatic figure in the entire race.

A strong Democratic field has Trump worried, and each of these candidates could become the next president.

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