House Judiciary Chairman Says Trump Can’t Use Executive Privilege To Hide Mueller Report

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) said that Trump couldn’t assert Executive Privilege hide the Mueller report.

Transcript via NBC News’s Meet The Press:

All right. Well, that brings us to this ambiguous phrase, right? “Executive Privilege.” And I’m just curious. Who gets to decide — who gets to arbitrate this? Is this up to the attorney general?


Well, no. The president must personally assert executive privilege. And I do not believe it exists here at all because, as we learned from the Nixon tapes case, executive privilege cannot hide — cannot be used to hide wrongdoing. And in that case, the Supreme Court nine to nothing ordered that all the claims of executive privilege be overridden and the tapes be public. So I don’t think that executive — I mean, the president may try to assert it, may try to hide things behind it. But I don’t think that’s right or be successful. I want to say that we know a few other things which are very relevant here. We know that the president pressured the FBI director to go easy, to drop the investigation on Mike Flynn and some others. We know that he fired the FBI director for not giving him the personal loyalty that he demanded and for not dropping those investigations. We know that many of the president’s closest associates, his national security advisor, campaign manager, et cetera, have been convicted of various crimes. And we know that he’s waged a relentless two-year campaign to attack the law enforcement institutions, the FBI, the special prosecutor, all to demean the power —


Democrats are very confident that they will win

One of the main reasons why the Democratic victory in 2018 matters so much is playing out right now. If Republicans had kept control over the House, there would be no fight over the Mueller report. A Republican House would have shrugged its shoulders and walked away if Trump tried to not release the Mueller report. It is looking more likely that the Trump plan for months has been to bury the Mueller report and make sure that it never sees the light of day.

Democrats are confident that if Trump tries not to release the report, or hide details, they will win. The law and precedent are both on their side. Trump can’t hide the report, which is why Republicans are calling for the report’s destruction.
A new chapter is beginning in the fight for truth and justice against Donald Trump.

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