Opinion: Trump May Lead the GOP to Historic Losses in 2020

Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin used to be a Republican. Then Donald Trump won her party’s nomination.

Although Trump motivated her to leave her party, her opinions still count in Washington. And this morning she is making the case that proceeding with impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump will be to Republicans’ advantage before the 2020 elections.

Rubin strongly believes that if Trump is on the GOP ticket in 2020 he will hurt the party irreparably — and probably cause massive Republican losses throughout the country.

Rubin also does not believe the conventional wisdom that impeachment of the president will hurt Democrats.

She believes that any Republicans coming to Trump’s defense will be saddled with all of his baggage once the election comes around. And he has huge amounts of baggage, some of which we haven’t even seen yet.

“Much has been written about the Democrats’ dilemma once the report’s contents are known. Will their base demand impeachment hearings? What’s the point of impeaching if the Senate won’t act?” Rubin wrote. “Do the Republicans plan on running in 2020 under the banner: ‘Leave the Russian patsy in power’ — or ‘What’s a little obstruction between friends?’”

According to the conservative columnist, “they will have to defend not simply Trump’s criminal innocence but also his fitness to serve after committing all of the above. They’ll have to explain why none of that rises to the level of ‘High Crimes and Misdemeanors,’ and why the country should allow him to continue as the chief executive charged with enforcement of the nation’s laws and the Constitution.”

Rubin points out that impeachment proceedings could also take place during a period of time when Trump and his family are indicted on criminal charges — putting Republican defenders in an even worse position.

“Maybe before the 2020 election we’ll learn the results of the Southern District of New York investigations on allegations of conspiracy to violate campaign finance laws, defraud banks and cheat on taxes, and other possible crimes,” Rubin wrote, and then added:

“Are Republicans going to back a president who’s found responsible for any or all or those, or, if the investigation is not complete, back a president who, in his second term, could be found to have committed multiple financial crimes? What’s the defense? Hey, everyone pays off mistresses and files false campaign finance statements!”

Rubin then pronounced her own sentence on Trump, writing:

“He’s a menace to the presidency and to the rule of law and patently unfit to hold presidential powers.”

“The Fox News hosts and their zombie audience will deny this, but what about ‘respectable” Republicans who like the tax cuts and judges but find most everything else objectionable? I suppose they could descend further into intellectual hackery and support reelection, but you’d think they’d at least consider looking for a nominee without an ocean liner full of baggage.”

Leaving Trump in Office Will Give Democrats a Huge Advantage in 2020

Jennifer Rubin is absolutely right about everything she says. The only problem is that Democrats wish she wouldn’t have said it.

Nancy Pelosi and other party leaders secretly want Donald Trump to not only stay in office but also run for reelection in 2020. This is why the Speaker of the House has said she doesn’t want to start impeachment proceedings. She wants to wait for more dirt to come out on Trump — and for more indictments against his family members and associates.

Trump of course has no clue that he will go down to an historic defeat if he runs again in 2020. He only listens to sycophants at Fox News and in his own White House. No Republican in Congress has had the nerve to tell him that he is hurting their party so much that it may never recover.

Donald Trump lives in a fantasy world where he is the greatest, most successful, most popular, smartest and healthiest president in history.

The rest of the world, however, knows the truth, and Jennifer Rubin nailed it when she wrote:

Trump in no shape or form should be entrusted with another four years in office. You’d think a few Republicans would feel a moral obligation to say as much.”