Trump Just Got Busted For Lying About Mueller’s Findings

Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) called out Trump and his lawyers for lying about Mueller’s findings and claiming that Trump was totally exonerated.

Trump and the White House are lying about Mueller’s report

When asked by reporters about Trump, his lawyers, and the White House’s claims of total exoneration, Nadler said, “Well, as you point out the president — the president and his people are saying it’s a total exoneration. That contradicts what the special counsel found. It’s a lie about what the special counsel found, but we should not be surprised that they lie anymore.”


Mueller did not clear of obstruction of justice. Trump’s attorney general cleared Trump of obstruction of justice. That is not the same as Robert Mueller finding that Trump did not obstruct justice.

Rep. Nadler also debunked Trump’s spin:

Earlier today I received a four-page letter from attorney general Barr outlining his summary of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report while making a few questionable legal arguments of his own. I take from this letter three points. First, president trump is wrong. This report does not amount to a so-called total exoneration. Special counsel Mueller was cleared that his report does not exonerate, closed quote, the president. The special counsel spent 22 months uncovering evidence of obstruction and other misconduct.

The attorney general Barr who auditioned for his role with an open memorandum suggesting that the obstruction investigation was unconscionable and that a president — it was almost impossible for any president to commit obstruction of justice since he’s the head of the executive branch made a decision about that evidence in under 48 his conclusions raise more questions than they answer. Given the fact that Mueller uncovered evidence that in his own words does not exonerate the president. It is unconscionable that president trump would try to spin the special counsel’s findings as if his conduct was remotely acceptable.


Trump finally made the move that everyone has been waiting nearly two years for, but he never expected Democrats to be in an equal position to fight back. Barr’s isn’t the end. It is the beginning of the constitutional crisis that is the Trump presidency coming to a head.

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