Editorial: Stay Connected To Reality In The Face Of Trump’s Mueller Report Lies

Last updated on March 28th, 2019 at 02:48 pm

The following is an editorial by PoliticusUSA‘s Editor-in-Chief Sarah Jones.

Current Attorney General William Barr’s summary of Mueller‘s report reads like Trump’s “doctor’s” letter did about Trump’s medical condition. And this is the biggest tell that it’s not accurate.

This heightened, bold replacement of reality with single color crayon simplicity is what Trump specializes in, and is the biggest reason not to trust Barr’s summary of the report.

Although, of course, Barr only got this job because of his June 2018 letter critiquing the Mueller probe, which was actually more of an audition for the AG role in Trump’s reality plot than legal thought, as it was not solicited and is bizarre.

Most legal minds want to see evidence before offering judgment. Not Barr. He even opened his letter acknowledging that he was deeply in the dark about many facts, but hey, who cares, here’s his opinion.

Sherrilyn Ifill flagged this section of Barr’s letter:

And that’s why Trump went through 5 AGs (including acting AGs) before he landed on the guy who would fix it all for him. Fix the Muller report – not by stifling it forever, because that’s not what Trump needs.

Notice that we never got a satisfactory explanation for why Republican former AG Jeff Sessions was kicked to the curb, and then we saw Barr’s letter and Democrats expressed concern that he was being installed to act on what he expressed in that letter – a Get Out of Jail Free card from the Mueller probe for Trump. But wiser legal mind than us told the public that Barr was a great legal mind and would never do… what he just did.

That is to say, that which it was obvious he was going to do.

Because it is why Barr got this job. It is why this job was open. It is how Trump operates. Loyalty to him above the country or you’re out.

Barr’s summary got Trump what he needed. Trump simply needed the first blast propaganda to sell to his cult. And he has that now, and it will take down some of the middle and even some Democrats, because of the way he lies repeatedly.

This is why Trump repeats the lie that he was exonerated and there was no collusion over and over and over again.

Because it works.

For a quick explainer on this, watch our latest episode of Politicus News with Sarah Jones:

It also depresses those who have a grasp on reality. A win-win for Trump.

So, don’t give it to him.

People need to stay resolute about reality, demand that news networks stop playing Trump’s lies without correcting them first (they must be debunked first, or else they work, that is a scientific fact about conspiracies) and even then, the sheer repetition of Trump’s lies erodes our confidence in reality.

Trump is the Bird Box bad thing we shouldn’t see or hear. It’s all lies. I have yet to hear this administration say something of import in defiance of the current narrative that actually turned out to be true.

That is because they are liars. Of course Trump conspired with Russia to win the election. We just don’t know if he was a willing conspirator or he was taken for a ride. But either way, he shouldn’t be president because he is compromised.

Trump is failing to protect this country from an ongoing attack by Russia. That’s another reason he shouldn’t be president.

At the very least, Trump surrounded himself with criminals. This is a fact. This alone would get a Democrat impeached.

Robert Mueller knows exactly who Trump is, and how Trump operates. He surely anticipated both Barr’s inaccurate summary, attempts to bury the report, and Trump‘s spin.

This story has barely started. Trump and his cult are falsely claiming victory and not even pausing to consider that even Barr acknowledged the attack on our country from Mueller’s probe. See, a president who wasn’t guilty would respond to that by pivoting to protecting our country.

Not Trump. He’s protecting himself.

But the facts like the above get us nowhere when fighting the bluntly tuned propaganda machine that is the Trump administration. So repeat after me in the See Jane Run rhythm used by Trump: “No exoneration, no exoneration. There was no exoneration. The president has not been exonerated.”


Sarah Jones

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