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Eric Holder Blows Up Trump’s Fake Exoneration Claims

Former Attorney General Eric Holder exposed the holes in Trump’s fake total exoneration claim and explained why Mueller must testify before Congress.

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Holder was asked what did it mean to him that Barr didn’t quote a single full paragraph from the Mueller report.

He answered, “It’s a little troublesome because you look at the letter and you’re trying to figure how much of this is Barr, how much of this is Mueller, how much of this is based on the Mueller findings. I think it all points to the fact that at the end of the day, Congress, the public are going to have to get access to the Mueller report. And also, I think here from both Bob Mueller and from attorney general Barr.”

Holder also explained that far from exonerating Trump, Mueller was working within the confines of the DOJ position that a sitting president can’t be indicted, “I think that what Bob Mueller was doing there was presenting something as best he thought he should do under the obligations that I think he faced. I think he was taking into account the justice department regulation that says you cannot indict a sitting president. And I think that really changed the way in which Bob Mueller conducted himself, conducted his probe. I mean, I’ve known Bob Mueller for 30 years.”


Mueller Didn’t Exonerate Trump. Barr Did

The broader point that can be taken away from Attorney General Holder’s comments is that Robert Mueller didn’t exonerate Trump. Trump’s attorney general did. Everything that Barr and the White House has released has been designed to fool the public into a false conclusion. Trump is hiding behind Barr, who isn’t going to release the Mueller report.

It took less than a day to reveal that Trump’s exoneration claims are fake.

Trump exonerated himself, and we won’t know what Robert Mueller found until the report is released and he testifies before Congress.

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