Mueller Wanted To Make The Case To Congress About Trump Obstruction Of Justice

Robert Mueller intended his report to be a case to Congress on Trump obstruction of justice, but he was blocked by Barr

The Daily Beast reported:
Accessing Mueller’s paper trail is the next big fight for Democrats. They believe his findings, and the evidence that backs them up, are essential to advance their investigations of the president. Barr has said he wants to release as much of the report as he can.

A source with direct knowledge of the investigation told The Daily Beast that it was their interpretation that “Mueller was making a case to Congress, who (unlike DOJ, in Mueller’s view) is empowered to weigh the lawfulness of a president’s conduct.”

Democrats must call Mueller to testify

It is now vital that Robert Mueller be called to testify about potential Trump obstruction of justice. The White House is trying to block Mueller‘s findings on obstruction of justice from Congress and the public. Special Counsel Mueller did what many experts thought that he might do. Mueller appears to have gathered the evidence on obstruction of justice with the intention of turning it over to Congress.

Robert Mueller believes that Congress has the lawful authority to judge the president’s conduct. The attorney general does not have the authority to judge Trump‘s behavior. The authority rests with Congress, which is why Mueller must be given the platform that Barr and Trump denied him to present all of the evidence related to obstruction of justice.

Democrats must not waste time. They have to get Mueller before the Judiciary Committee as soon as possible.

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