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Sarah Sanders Rants About Democrats Trying to ‘Overthrow’ the President

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was on CNN’s “New Day” this morning ranting that the Mueller probe was an effort to “overthrow” President Donald Trump.

CNN’s John Berman immediately shut her down.

During her interview with Berman, Sanders was asked about Trump’s comments about the entire Mueller investigation being “an illegal takedown that failed.”

“I don’t disagree with him, he’s 100 percent right!” she gloated. “These are people who tried to overthrow the president!”

“Did Robert Mueller try to overthrow the president of the United States?” Berman asked her.

“I’m specifically talking about Democrats in the media who helped perpetuate this absurd lie!” she replied.

“Were Democrats and the media part of the Mueller investigation, were they part of his team of investigators?” he asked.

“They were among the people who helped make that possible, that pushed this narrative that created this entire spectacle in the first place!” she said, before pivoting to attack former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

“James Clapper went on TV and made crystal clear that he had seen no evidence of collusion,” she said.

At this point, Berman shut down her illogical argument, saying:

“The investigation, as you know, Sarah, was started after conversations that George Papadopoulos had. The investigation was begun back then and Robert Mueller, in this report… finds two large areas where Russia did try to interfere!”

Sanders also appeared on NBC’s “Today” show Monday morning and lied about the findings of Special Counsel Robert Mueller‘s report, as summarized by William Barr.

“It is a complete and total exoneration,” Huckabee Sanders falsely claimed.

Host Savannah Guthrie told Huckabee Sanders that the Special Counsel’s report specifically states it “does not exonerate” President Trump on questions of obstruction of justice.

“Would you acknowledge it is incorrect for the President to call this a total exoneration?” @savannahguthrie asks @PressSec Sarah Sanders about the question of if President Trump obstructed justice


“In the legal community, when you can’t convict somebody on something, you’re legally exonerating them,” Huckabee Sanders said, with no basis in law or fact.

Sarah Sanders Will Say Anything to Keep Her Job

Like her boss, Sarah Sanders does not hesitate to lie, mislead, and make up facts. She says whatever she thinks her boss wants to hear. This has allowed her to keep her White House job longer than almost anyone else, but it has not endeared her to the American people (who pay her salary).

Sarah Huckabee Sanders will go down in history as one of the worst White House press secretaries ever, and today’s falsehoods told on television will certainly help cement her lowly reputation.


CLICK HERE to watch the Sarah Sanders interview on CNN

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