Kamala Harris Turns Trump’s New Obamacare Attack Into A GOP Backfire

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) turned Trump‘s new attack on Obamacare into a powerful election issue.

Harris said on MSNBC‘s Andrea Mitchell Reports:

One of the top issues that keeps American families up at night, that weighs on them, that concerns them, that is a great source of worry, is whether they are going to be able to afford the health care that they need, be it for a family member who is facing an acute illness or just the health care that people need on a daily basis. It’s one of the biggest, most critical issues facing American families. And it should first of all be understood to be something that in that way is not partisan and certainly should not be thought of as a political issue.

And the other piece of it is we have seen that the affordable care act brought health care to tens of millions of people who otherwise did not have it. The existence of preexisting conditions, and that being a barrier to people having access to health care, we decided as a nation, we agreed, most of us, that that was immoral, that it was wrong that someone who has a preexisting condition should, therefore, be essentially denied access to any health care. And what this is doing is it’s about playing politics with people’s public health. I was attorney general of California at the beginning of a lot of these lawsuits. It was a shame, it was straight down party lines that these cases were brought. The motivation as stated by some of the people holding the highest positions in our government was that it was about defeating an accomplishment of the previous Democratic president. It wasn’t necessarily and certainly didn’t seem to be motivated based on what is good public policy for the nation.


Trump’s new attack on Obamacare will backfire.

Republicans have learned nothing from the 2018 blue wave. While trying to bury the Mueller report, Trump handed Democrats a powerful weapon that could carry them to victory in 2020. The power of healthcare as an election issue should have been obvious to Republicans after they lost the House that running on taking away healthcare from people was not a good idea.

Sen. Harris showed how easy it is for Democrats to make the argument that the vast majority of the country agrees with on healthcare.

The gambit to destroy the ACA will backfire on Trump and his party, as Kamala Harris showed why Republicans are doubling down on defeat.