Morning Joe Says No Exoneration Despite Trump’s Claims

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski expressed outrage at Donald Trump and his allies today for claiming vindication before special counsel Robert Mueller’s report had been released to either Congress or the public

The Morning Joe co-hosts made clear that there are some extremely important questions that still must be answered from the 22 month investigation of the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia. And they demanded that we be given those answers.

Despite the claims of the president, the short summary of Mueller’s report by Attorney General William Barr did not in any way “vindicate” him or let him off the hook for his misdeeds.

At one point during the show Brzezinski said:

“The one quote in it that Barr did put forward is that Trump is NOT exonerated in terms of obstruction. If you listen to the White House, and if you listen to Fox News, and if you listen over and over and over again, they are branding this as a full exoneration — it is not. It’s not even close to an exoneration, it is not an exoneration. Does anybody want to argue that? It’s not.”

Joe Scarborough then pointed out that the short Barr summary didn’t even include any quotes of entire sentences from Mueller’s report.

“Since Robert Mueller said they couldn’t exonerate him, and we only get sentence fragments, I think we should do something really radical,” Scarborough said. Then he clarified what he meant:

“We should wait and read the entire report, because we have read with a letter from the man who applied for his job by sending a letter to Donald Trump saying, ‘I don’t think the special counsel should be doing all the terrible things that he’s doing to you.’ That’s not a letter I’m going to put a lot of stock in, I’m going to wait for the real report.”

MSNBC contributor David Ignatius, a Washington Post columnist, added to the discussion by bringing up the point that Donald Trump’s actions of lying and attempting to stifle the Russa probe strongly suggested he had done something wrong.

“There is the enduring mystery of why, if he was so innocent, he has acted so guilty for two years,” Ignatius said. “That’s going to take historians to sort out, probably.”

We Must See the Entire Mueller Report

This despicable chapter of American history will not end with a short summary written by Trump’s hand-picked attorney general. It will only end once Congress and the American people are allowed to see Mueller’s entire report.

There is no exoneration of Donald Trump for anything, despite the claims of his allies and despite the headlines that have appeared in the media for the past two days.

Donald Trump was elected president with the help of Vladimir Putin and his Russian intelligence operatives. The details of how that happened have not yet come to light, but someday they will. And when that happens we will see the truth of how Donald Trump has sold out his country.


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