Barr Is Going To Allow Trump To Edit The Mueller Report

According to Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Attorney General William Barr will allow the White House to edit the Mueller report before it is released to the public.

Kate Irby of McClatchy reported:

The Public Won’t Get To See The Full Mueller Report

Trump and his White House are going to make sure that the American people don’t get to see the unedited version of the Mueller report. The idea that it could take weeks to release this report is nonsense. The full report could be released today. It will take weeks for the White House to edit the report so that it paints Trump in the best possible light.

Congress is going to have to sue to get the full Mueller report, not the Trump version.

The report clearly doesn’t exonerate Donald Trump as it was written by Mueller. If it did, Trump could release it right now without any edits.

The White House has gone beyond hiding the report. They are trying to rewrite it to prevent the truth from ever being known.

Mueller’s testimony isn’t enough. Congress needs Robert Mueller to testify and the full unedited report.

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