Barr Won’t Agree To Turn Over The Full Mueller Report Which Is 700 Pages Long

Attorney General William Barr met with House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) and would not agree to turn over the full Mueller report which is at least less than 1,000 pages long.

Kyle Cheney of Politico tweeted:

The Trump cover story is falling apart

Fox News’s Andrew Napolitano has said that the Mueller report is 700 pages long, “So once the 700 pages comes out, and this is my criticism of the Attorney General, he shouldn’t have even tipped his hands on this opens a new window. The Democrats will have and other Trump opponents will have a field day with what is in there. If there were no evidence of conspiracy and no evidence of obstruction the attorney general would have told us so—he didn’t.”

The report is huge, which blows apart the four page summary of the report by William Barr. How did the attorney general take a 700-page report, and boil it down to four pages that don’t contain a full paragraph of Robert Mueller’s findings?

Bill Barr is refusing to turn over the Mueller report. Not even the House Judiciary Committee chairman has seen it.

The Trump cover story to bury the Mueller report is crumbling. Little by little the details are coming out, and what they reveal is looking like a massive cover-up by the White House.

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