MSNBC’s Mika Blasts Trump for Hiring ‘Criminals’

Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski slammed President Donald Trump today for hiring shady individuals who operate outside the law. She also criticized him for throwing them under the bus when it served his purposes, noting that he has turned his back on all of his former associates after they were sent to jail for him.

Brzezinski also said that, no matter what crimes special counsel Robert Mueller’s report might reveal — if Republicans ever allow its release — the president has already shown us what type of person he is, and has revealed his slimy character.

“Donald Trump had his close allies,” Brzezinski said, “people who worked with him every step of the way in the campaign who came with him to the White House — Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort being at the very top of that — his national security adviser, a guy who flew around with him everywhere and apparently was his emotional teddy bear to talk to him in between events to keep him busy and Paul Manafort, the guy who headed his campaign, in jail, going to jail, in jail, and guess what, look at the president, not one line of defense for these guys.”

“He throws them under the bus, close friends, family friends, people he lived and traveled with, stayed at Mar-A-Lago with, throws people under the bus as if they are garbage, could give a damn about them,” she added.

“Is that someone you want in the White House? Somebody with no empathy, somebody with no sense of duty or loyalty, somebody who doesn’t take a loyalty oath back as a human being. Who does he hire, by the way — criminals? That’s what people have to think about when they’re wondering whether or not to re-elect this president.”

Donald Trump Will Lose in 2020 Because the American People Know Who He Is

Very few people — other than Trump’s base of “lower educated” voters — believe that William Barr’s letter proved anything, let alone that Trump has been cleared of charges that he conspired with Russia during the 2016 election.

The American people know Trump’s real character, and know that he can no longer be trusted to lead the country. They know that he is out only for himself, and has never shown any loyalty to anyone else.

Americans are tired of a president who associates with criminals, and then sells them down the river. In 2020 Trump and his cronies will find out that his time for selling out America has come and gone, and a new president will be elected in a landslide.