Rachel Maddow Just Showed Why No One Should Believe Trump On The Mueller Report


Rachel Maddow used example after example to show the Trump administration’s pattern of claiming to have done things that they haven’t done, and her point that this is why they shouldn’t be believed on the Mueller report.

Maddow said:

I mean, we should have known it was going to be like this when we got the initial white house announcements about his record win the electoral college, which he didn’t get, and the record crowd size at the inaugural. We should have known this would be the pattern. But I think we can all see the pattern now, right? And we should all be able to agree that the announcement of things the white house wishes to be true or wishes to be credited for should not be confused with actual things, with actual reality, reality plans, actual policies that may have come to pass. And I have receive mu share of grief over these past couple of years for my loose policy of not covering anything they say, and instead only covering things they do. But since this week is we’re going back to the moon and also I have been totally exonerated by Robert Mueller, I’m going to stick with my policy for now, because what they say is not that helpful for understanding what’s actually happened or is going to happen.


It has now been five days since the report from special counsel Robert Mueller about the results and the findings of his year and ten-month-long investigation since that report was delivered to the Justice Department. So far, that Mueller report has not been released to the public at all. The trump administration has issued a brief characterization of Mueller’s findings written by trump’s newly appointed attorney general, but if you don’t want to count on what the Trump administration is saying about itself, and you want the see Mueller’s findings on all of it, on the criminal side of it, on the counterintelligence side of it, on the collusion side of it, all of it, at this point we don’t even know how close we are to all of that.


No One Should Buy The Trump Version Of The Mueller Report

Rachel Maddow pointed out that what the Trump administration does goes beyond lying. Trump’s White House creates a false reality and tries to sell things to the nation that aren’t really happening. Trump’s claims of total exoneration fit into this behavior pattern. The White House makes a big fantastic claim, and then they offer nothing to back it up. Trump’s tax returns contained no business dealings with Russia. Trump’s medical records showed him to be the picture of health. Trump is a genius, but you can’t see his grades.

The mainstream media and many Democrats got suckered by Trump’s Mueller report propaganda storm. The report is rumored to be 700 pages long, and as Rachel Maddow pointed out, it would be wise to discount the White House claims and wait to see the real thing with your own eyes.