Rachel Maddow Lays The Smackdown On William Barr For Sitting On The Mueller Report

Rachel Maddow blasted Attorney General William Barr on Thursday for keeping the Mueller report secret and not even providing a copy to Congress after he’s had it for nearly a week.

cited previous investigations which released their reports either to Congress or the public almost immediately after they concluded.

“This isn’t how things like this have previously been handled,” Maddow said. “Tomorrow it will be a week and we haven’t seen any of it.”


Maddow said:

The last time there was a special counsel, which is what Robert Mueller is, that was John Danforth’s report about the Branch Davidian standoff at Waco. His report was released publicly. Before, it was independent counsel Ken Starr. His report was provided in full to the House on a Wednesday afternoon. It was then released to the public on a Friday morning. Even as the grand jury material and underlying evidence was held just within Congress and not released to the public, the public got the report, Congress got all the underlying evidence and it happened zip, zip. Before that, it was the independent counsel Lawrence Walsh and his report about Oliver North and the Iran Contra scandal. That was released fully to the public.  Even some lesser known ones. There was an independent counsel who looked into then-HUD secretary Henry Cisneros that was released fully to Congress and then released with very limited redactions to the public. There was an independent counsel report into an agriculture secretary named Mike Espy that was released fully to the public. It’s just the Mueller report they want to sit on. This isn’t how things like this have previously been handled. But for this one, we’re heading — tomorrow it will be a week and we haven’t seen any of it.

The American people want to see the Mueller report

While Donald Trump and his Republican allies in Congress continue to high-five each other over Attorney General William Barr’s four-page summary of a 300-page report, the American people aren’t buying it.

Earlier this week, a survey showed that a stunning 84 percent of the country – including 75 percent of Republicans – wants to see the full Mueller report.  A majority of the American people also don’t believe Trump‘s lie that he has been “fully exonerated” by Mueller.

Ultimately, Democrats in Congress and a bipartisan majority of the country is getting impatient with the refusal of the Trump administration to release the full Mueller report.

The longer they sit on it, the more hollow their victory lap looks.

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