Adam Schiff Just Shattered Trump’s Hope Of Burying The Mueller Report

House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) flatly stated that Congress would get the whole Mueller report, even the redacted sections.

Adam Schiff Vows To Get The Mueller Report

Schiff said during an interview with MSNBC‘s Rachel Maddow:

We’re going to compel the release of the report. This report is all going to come out and it’s just going to reflect more poorly on the attorney general if when it does come out, and we look at the difference between what he redacted and what was under those redactions it shows an effort to cover up or conceal either evidence of impropriety of evidence of a lack of morals or ethics or judgment and that is shy of criminality or in the case of obstruction of justice is criminality. We’re going to compel this. This is a fight that is worth going to the mat on.

Bill Barr and his confirmation said I’ll be as transparent as possible as much as the law or policy would allow, if he was true to those words, as Jerry Nadler said, he wouldn’t be saying I’m cutting all the grand jury material. He would be saying Congress, I’m going to the court tomorrow to seek their permission to send it all to you. And I’ll tell you this, the other areas he redact about classified information, we get that all the time. Information about pending investigation matters gave hundreds of thousands of pages that were both open investigation and investigation material that reflected on the privacy of third parties and if you don’t think so, ask Peter Strzok or Lisa Page how they feel about that.


Trump isn’t going to be able to hide the full Mueller report from the House Intelligence Committee. Trump‘s delusions of claiming total exoneration while hiding the evidence have been shattered. Bill Barr has carried Trump‘s water, but he can’t keep the report from Congress. When the full report is released, it is going to expose not just Donald Trump, but the stooge behavior of Bill Barr.

Donald Trump is starting to understand that he isn’t going to get away with his big Mueller report con.

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