All Of The Sudden, Trump Doesn’t Want The Mueller Report Released

Trump went on a Twitter tirade on Friday night where he said that Republicans should take their “victory” and refuse to release the Mueller report.

Trump tweeted:

Now that Barr is talking about releasing a redacted version of the report, which he will edit for Trump, the president suddenly wants to take his victory in his word only and run away. Barr’s offering of a redacted and edited version of the report is not good enough. Trump is now getting an inkling of an understanding that Barr’s four-page summary/non-summary is not going to cut it.

The redacted report is a step in the process that will end with Democrats suing and getting the full unredacted report.

Less than a week ago, Trump was claiming total exoneration. Now, he is saying that there is no need to see the evidence that Trump claims prove his innocence.

The White House is hiding something, and Trump is realizing that the American people are getting closer to finding out.

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