MSNBC Panel: Trump is ‘Repulsive,’ ‘Disgusting’ and ‘Pathetic’


MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch thinks Donald Trump is “repulsive” and “disgusting to look at.”

Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough thinks Trump is “pathetic” and “sad.”

As a result, Deutsch said this morning, the president should not be attacking or making fun of the appearance of anyone else.


And Scarborough joined Deutsch as together they mocked Trump for his comments last night when he insulted one of his strongest critics, Adam Schiff, saying he is a “pencil neck.”

During his unhinged rally speech in Michigan last night Trump spent a lot of time attacking Schiff, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.

Scarborough and Deutsch wrote off Trump’s outbursts (which fired up his crowd) as pathetic.

“He was in Michigan last night embarrassing himself again,” Scarborough said. “I really felt sorry for him, so sorry for him. Sort of a sad, sad — just a sad decline for the man.”

The former Republican congressman then pointed out that Trump’s support among voters was just 31 percent in Michigan, which he barely won in 2016. He then added that the president should be “panicking” over his chances for re-election.

“This a nosedive, politically, he’s not getting out of,” Scarborough said. “Maybe that’s why he looked so sad and pathetic last night and why he was swinging so wildly to no effect.”

Deutsch, who is from New York and knows the president personally, said Trump is now left with no way to fight back except to use personal insults against his enemies. And, as he pointed out, these insults were just as hypocritical as his accusations of wrongdoing.

“When he started with the ‘pencil neck’ Adam Schiff, it reminds me,” Deutsch said. “Sometimes we laugh, but he’s just disgusting to look at. He’s obese — I wish you could put up that picture of him from behind when he’s playing tennis or playing golf. He’s one of the most repulsive, physically, looking human beings I’ve ever seen.”

Scarborough tried to head him off, but Deutsch said his cruel assessment of Trump’s physique was relevant.

“That’s what a bully does,” Deutsch said. “He makes fun of other people’s physical imperfections.”

Scarborough added, “we know that overwhelmingly the American people believe Donald Trump has committed crimes and that he has lied.”

Scarborough then went on to point out that Trump’s approval ratings in Michigan and New Hampshire both are now at 31%. “These are Nixonian numbers,” he said, before adding:

“It’s time for Donald Trump to start panicking.”


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