‘The President Is Outnumbered’: Eric Swalwell Says Trump’s Mueller Report Cover-Up Will Fail

Donald Trump‘s hand-picked attorney general William Barr has been trying to slow-walk the release of Robert Mueller‘s report, but Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell says the cover-up will ultimately fail.

In an interview with MSNBC‘s Joy Reid, the congressman said Trump is “outnumbered” and that Democrats will subpoena the report if that’s what it takes to have it released to Congress and the American public.

“The voters gave us … a balance of power over these abuses of power,” Swalwell said. “They gave us that subpoena power this past November.”


Rep. Swalwell said:

The president is outnumbered now in that the voters gave us, you know, a balance of power over these abuses of power. They gave us that subpoena power this past November. So we’ll subpoena it, but we’re also confident that if we have to go to the courts, that because of the judicial precedent that already exists through the Watergate litigation, that that’s also on our side, too. Frustratingly, we won’t see it probably as soon as we need to or as much as the public would like to see it just as we have more awareness to go into the 2020 election.

Trump will lose his fight to cover up the Mueller report

Donald Trump likes to think he is an authoritarian ruler that can use the U.S. government as his personal playtoy, but he is in for a rude awakening.

Not only will Democrats subpoena the complete Mueller report if necessary, but as Rep. Eric Swalwell noted on Saturday, the president will likely lose in the courts if his administration continues to stonewall efforts to release the special counsel document.

The president may have thought a four-page political document from his attorney general was enough to put the Russia-obstruction scandal behind him, but nearly a week after the Barr summary was released, it has proven to be a complete failure.

As Rep. Swalwell said on Saturday, Donald Trump is outnumbered. His efforts to conceal the Mueller report will fail.

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